Nordic Trial Alliance Invites Proposals for Strategic Workshops

The Nordic Trial Alliance is a NordForsk project that aims to facilitate clinical research cooperation in the Nordic region. The purpose of NTA is to make it easier to carry out clinical research in the Nordic countries with focus on cooperation on clinical multi-centre trials. NTA is funded under the Norwegian Presidency Programme of the Nordic Council of Ministers 2017-2019.

Increased Nordic cooperation in clinical research will raise the number of joint clinical trials, thus boosting the attractiveness of the Nordic countries as partners in research. During its second phase, 2017-2019, the NTA will focus on the use of real-world data to support the development and implementation of personalised medicine. The activities will also promote knowledge transfer as well as increased efficiency and output. The NTA seeks to identify and provide solutions to obstacles that prevent or impede Nordic research cooperation.

NTA hereby invites proposals for strategic activities aiming to promote Nordic cooperation within clinical research. Example of activities foreseen are strategic workshops or networking activities with a vision to move Nordic collaboration within a certain area forward, and a concrete outcome that will enhance Nordic clinical research cooperation. NTA would like to see proposals targeting the main aims of NTA.

Ongoing or well-established activities cannot be supported under this call. However, activities that build on previously funded activities under the NTA umbrella can be funded as long as they can demonstrate to be further developed, for example by inclusion of participants from additional Nordic countries or with a changed focus. Activities utilising real-world data to support the development and implementation of personalised medicine are encouraged in line with NTA’s focus of the coming years.

Representatives of Nordic research organisations, public sector, patient organisations or other relevant organisations are eligible to apply. Companies may not receive funding from NTA although they may take part in activities at their own costs.

Proposals should be 2-3 A4 pages and include a description of the activity with focus on how it aims to promote clinical research in the Nordic countries. In addition, a CV for the main applicant is allowed, maximum 1 A4 page.

The proposal should describe how participants from the Nordic countries will be involved and include a plan for how to disseminate its results. The Nordic added value of the results should be made clear.

The activity should preferably be initiated in 2019. Expected budget for the activity is maximum 300 000 NOK. A tentative budget should be included. The budget should display Nordic cooperation.

The proposals should be submitted to the NTA project coordinator Maria Nilsson at by 7 December 2018. Decision of support will be taken by NTA in the end of 2018.