Nordic Research Integrity Meeting

The NordForsk seminar on Research Integrity took place in Stockholm 15 – 16 June 2017. The meeting aimed to promote Nordic discussions on research integrity issues, thereby creating Nordic added value through harmonization of the Nordic conceptual framework and identification of best practices in the area.

The Nordic countries by and large share the same clear views on research ethics and integrity. Nevertheless, the countries vary widely in terms of both their statutory framework and their practice. In several of the Nordic countries, the legislation has recently been revised or are currently under revision.

The revision of The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity from ALLEA was presented at the meeting. This is now a mandatory prerequisite in all EU applications, including H2020. All Nordic countries presented their present regulations in the area. The meeting was organized in sessions with a few presentations and updates, followed by discussions in panels and with the participants, which was very fruitful and much appreciated.  Among the topics covered were How good research practice are defined in national codes, Institutional vs. individual responsibility, and University perspectives. A very interesting lecture was given by Anne Inger Helmen Borge from Oslo University on the latter topic.

Pierre Lafolie, Project Leader, Nordic Trial Alliance.