Project update for NTA Work Package 6 on Registration and Transparency

The WP 6 has collected and described procedures for transparency, i.e., registration and reporting of all clinical trials involving humans through the national networks and connections.

Alongside evaluating the accomplishment and deficiencies in the Nordic countries, the WP 6 is keeping a close eye on the big momentum worldwide in the field of transparency, with new EU legislations for clinical research and data protection coming into force and the announced report from the U.S.A. Institute of Medicine (IOM).

The WP 6 has delineated the advantageous and disadvantages for the Nordics to embrace transparency. The group has developed procedures for how to comply with transparency demands. The drafting of the conclusions on how we best embrace transparency and how we should practice  it,  with supporting arguments and reasons, have been discussed at 3 meetings and on bimonthly telephone conferences.

For most Nordic countries open access policies are being drafted, considered, and implemented by the ministries.